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On I2Speed we are offering background, hints and code for a better i2p experience, aiming at all levels of users from beginner to developer.

Our advantage in a nutshell.

Detailed coverage of our advice and speed improvements, updated as time allows:

2021-06-18 NEW! Released I2Speed.210618.0.9.50. Changelog. Updater. Full source zip. Significant CPU saved on crypto functions.
2021-05-20 Released I2Speed.210520.0.9.50. Changelog. Updater. Some crypto micro-optimizations turned out to be a big success. 5% CPU overall warrants this silent update.
2021-05-18 Released I2Speed.210518.0.9.50. Changelog. Updater. Full source zip. Minimize use of high error connections.
2021-04-07 Released I2Speed.210407.0.9.49. Changelog. Updater. Several further CPU savers, small bug fixes and a smart MTU feature. Current feature set will go into 0.9.50, next full package to be published then.
2021-03-08 Released I2Speed.210309.0.9.49. Changelog. Updater. Full source zip. Drastic overall speed increase by optimizing SHA256, the most frequently used crypto.
2021-02-19 Released I2Speed.210219.0.9.49. Changelog. Updater. Full source zip. SSU upgraded. Next full package to be published when I2P goes 1.0.
2020-12-04 Released I2Speed.201204.0.9.48. Changelog. Updater. Full source zip. Sticking to our fast SSU implementation without 0.9.48 changes which we consider buggy.
2020-11-03 Released I2Speed.201103.0.9.47. Changelog. Updater. Full source zip. Major improvements to the NTCP Transport.
2020-10-02 How to optimize your network on the HW/OS level. Be sure to apply our expanded network tweaks.
2020-10-02 Released I2Speed.201002.0.9.47. Changelog. Updater. Full source zip.
2020-09-19 Be sure to upgrade to Java 15. 5% CPU reduction for I2P as they redesigned handling of datagrams.
2020-09-19 Released I2Speed.200919.0.9.47. Changelog. Again cut down on context switches significantly. Updater. Full source zip.
2020-08-28 Released I2Speed.200828.0.9.47. Based upon I2P 0.9.47. Changelog. Some more small refinements. Updater. Full source zip. Be sure to get the latest I2P plugin for BiglyBT also to take advantage of the new crypto..
2020-05-31 Released I2Speed.200531.0.9.46. Based upon I2P 0.9.46. Some more small refinements. Updater. Full source zip.
2020-05-22 Released I2Speed.200522.0.9.45. Changelog. Use update procedure as detailed below. Full source upon request or with next package based upon I2P 0.9.46.
2020-05-07 Tweak hidden network settings.
2020-04-16 Next version of base I2P will take about 6 further weeks, so we released I2Speed.20200416.0.9.45. with significant improvements. Torrent will be out on Postman or use our updater below. Changelog and dev docs updated. Devs might be interested in the ultrafast lockfree stuff.
2020-03-24 Measuring network connection speeds.
2020-03-16 The ElGamal story. Why parallization is important.
2020-03-16 Some significant improvements. Lower CPU, much faster TCP transmissions. Run 2 MBps on a RaspBerry 2. See changelog. Update below. Latest performance figures. Tech descriptions updated.
2020-03-05 Changelog and FAQ updated.
2020-03-01 See our improved network throughput. Includes monitoring.
2020-02-29 Hard facts. Our performance monitoring.
2020-02-29 Small update released. See changelog. Update below.
2020-02-26 Someone complained about the versioning being visible in the netDB. If you care, our automated update (see end of this page, or download directly) has it removed. Next release will have it changed. I2Speed tag is also on the /logs page.
2020-02-25 Released I2Speed.200225.0.9.45. See Postman or torrent link below. Updated for I2P 0.9.45, some further refinements. Some small bugs fixed that were not addressed in the stock distribution. Changelog.
2020-02-17 Developer corner started.
2020-02-17 Linux installer out. On X64 equivalent to Mac installer.
2020-02-14 Does it at all matter?
2020-02-14 Released I2Speed.200213.0.9.44 . Improved multi-threaded design, cuts on CPU usage and latency. Your money back if you do not see 10% faster speed or more on busy torrents.
2020-01-21 The real I2P speed story.
2020-01-09 Released I2Speed.200109.i2p.0.9.44. Found some more real nice optimizations for latency and CPU.
2020-01-04 Released I2Speed.200103.i2p.0.9.44. Unless major ideas or bugs come up this will be stable and ported over to the next official I2P releases. Optimized Mac installer included. All stuff available as torrents or on Muwire.
2020-01-01 Happy New Year! Final part of our GC mini series.
2019-12-30 Screenshot added. $49 hardware is enough.
2019-12-21 I2Speed.191220 going full throttle. t.b.c
2019-12-20 Released I2Speed.191220.i2p.0.9.44. Avoid a situation that is documented to possibly cause deadlocks and which actually does.
2019-12-19 Released I2Speed.191219.i2p.0.9.44. Some further efficiency tweaks.
2019-12-14 GC tuning, Part 2
2019-12-07 Technical Overview ready.
2019-12-06 F.A.Q. started.
2019-12-06 Released I2Speed.191206.i2p.0.9.44. Faster crypto key generation.
2019-12-03 GC tuning, Part 1
2019-12-02 Released I2Speed.191202.i2p.0.9.44
2019-12-02 I2Speed Feature Overview
2019-11-28 What makes I2Speed WiFi-friendly?
2019-11-27 First fast WiFi-friendly i2p enhancement released, details soon.
2019-11-25 Choosing your JVM and properly configuring it
2019-11-25 Some tuning for Linux

Our To-Do list. Ideas welcome. Our F.A.Q. Questions welcome.

Contact us at i2speed@mail.i2p.

For the impatient: Just download our updater and/or set unsigned updates to http://i2speed.i2p/i2pupdate.zip. This way you will also get minor bug fixes and improvements that we do not release a full package for. You need to enable the advanced Router Console within I2P in order to be able to subscribe to unsigned updates. Java 11+ or GraalVM with Java 11 support required.

Our stuff is available for anonymous download through your favourite I2P Bittorrent client. Just look for I2Speed on the Postman tracker.

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