Why ElGamal is important

ElGamal is the technology used for secure end-to-end encryption of client messages, e.g. your torrent traffic. ElGamal computations are lengthy (> 50 ms on a RaspBerry 2), that is why you should use native math librararies (jbigi) like those supplied by our distribution. Read all here. We restored ElGamal reporting to make comparisons easier.

Once a message in a tunnel requires ElGamal en-/decryption, I2P processes that in strict order with following messages in case of outgoing client traffic and NTCP inbound destined for your local client. I2Speed loads that traffic as individual messages onto the job queue thread pool. This way dozens of subsequent messages may bypass one inevitably long ElGamal computation.

Once you have a working jbigi loaded, you will see reported numbers on the /stats page a bit higher than before when using I2Speed. Reason is simple: Once you have more parallization, threads are more likely to preempt each other.

Updated 200316

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