Optimizing your network settings

If you do not read I2P source, you need to know that there important thresholds for faster router operation. Inactive peers are expired faster, when using more than 33% of max. connections. Some features are shut off when using more than 75% of max. connections. So we recommend to watch where connection numbers after 24h uptime settle on the /peers page and tune the following avanced config settings to twice that values.


There also is a hidden setting


Set this from false to true for max. performance before adjusting the above. You need to run I2Speed of course.

Also use:
This removes random extra bytes from SSU packets that eat CPU and bandwidth. Also helps a bit with the MTU bug we fixed in 201002, if you do not run I2Speed. Attackers would have read the source and discard padding anyway.

All tweaks do not need a restart, if advanced config is enabled.

Updated 201002

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